Hal­le­berg and Hun­ne­berg are sepa­ra­ted by a val­ley with steep walls.

A val­ley can be cre­a­ted when a crack in the mountain is opened up by ero­sion and weat­he­ring, but also by move­ments at fault lines.

A fault is a dis­pla­ce­ment in the bed­rock whe­re one mass of rock shifts in rela­tion to the next, due to a fractu­re in the Earth’s crust. In the case of the val­ley at Lil­le­skog we are not enti­rely cer­tain how it was formed.

Sin­ce the val­ley cuts right through the 300-mil­li­on-year-old dole­ri­te, which ori­gi­nal­ly joi­ned Hal­le­berg to Hun­ne­berg, the crack or fault line that gave rise to the val­ley can­not be any older than this.

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