Welcome to the table mountains!

There is a special geology here that provides the conditions for many diverse nature types as well as an exciting cultural history. There are fifteen table mountains in the province of Västergötland, and they are all structured in the same way with a series of rock layers. However, each mountain has its own characteristic appearance, and the geology and nature vary from mountain to mountain. Fourteen of the mountains are located within the geopark: Halleberg, Hunneberg, Kinnekulle, Lugnåsberget, Billingen, Mösseberg, Ålleberg, Brunnhemsberget, Tovaberget, Myggeberget, Borgundaberget, Plantaberget, Gerumsberget, and Varvsberget. Gisseberget is also a table mountain but is located outside the geopark boundaries.