Billing­en stret­ches across the three muni­ci­pa­li­ti­es of Sköv­de, Ska­ra, and Fal­kö­ping, and its hig­hest point is at 304 metres abo­ve sea level. Its stra­ti­fi­ca­tion follows the pat­tern of the other tab­le mountains: base­ment, sand­sto­ne, alum sha­le, limesto­ne, clay sha­le, and dole­ri­te. Bil­ling­en is the lar­gest tab­le mountain in terms of sur­fa­ce area and is divi­ded into North Bil­ling­en and South Bil­ling­en. The lar­ge dole­ri­te pla­teau on the top is scar­cely popu­la­ted and is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by wood­land and wetland.

Bil­ling­en has a long histo­ry as a cent­re for limesto­ne mining; the lime was used to manu­factu­re cement. Alum sha­le has also been quar­ri­ed here, and the­re are still acti­ve dole­ri­te quar­ri­es. The city of Sköv­de is part­ly situ­a­ted on the slo­pes of Bil­ling­en, and the mountain is a popu­lar out­do­or recre­a­tion area.

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Three points of inte­rest on Billingen


Ryd caves*

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