Lugnås­ber­get is one of our smal­lest tab­le mountains as well as the nort­hern­most one. It reaches a max­i­mum height of 155 metres abo­ve sea level. Lug­nås­ber­get con­si­sts almost exclu­si­vely of sand­sto­ne, except for a small lay­er of alum sha­le at the top. The dole­ri­te lay­er here was pro­bably very thin, or non-exi­stent – thus the mountain lac­ked a pro­tecti­ve cap and the sedi­men­ta­ry rocks have ero­ded away. From the 12th cen­tu­ry to the ear­ly 20th, Lug­nås­ber­get was a cent­re for mill­sto­ne mining. Tra­ces of the mill­sto­ne pro­duc­tion can still be seen on and around the mountain in the form of some 600 quar­ri­es and 55 mines.

Natu­re reser­ves on Lugnåsberget

Points of inte­rest at Lugnåsberget

Mill­sto­nes at the Sto­ne Square

The mill­sto­ne quar­ry at Lugnås*

Pics from Lugnåsberget