Lugnåsberget is one of our smallest table mountains as well as the northernmost one. It reaches a maximum height of 155 metres above sea level. Lugnåsberget consists almost exclusively of sandstone, except for a small layer of alum shale at the top. The dolerite layer here was probably very thin, or non-existent – thus the mountain lacked a protective cap and the sedimentary rocks have eroded away. From the 12th century to the early 20th, Lugnåsberget was a centre for millstone mining. Traces of the millstone production can still be seen on and around the mountain in the form of some 600 quarries and 55 mines.

Nature reserves on Lugnåsberget

Points of interest at Lugnåsberget

Millstones at the Stone Square

The millstone quarry at Lugnås*

Pics from Lugnåsberget