The rocks in Plan­ta­ber­get are the same as in the other tab­le mountains (base­ment, sand­sto­ne, alum sha­le, limesto­ne, clay sha­le, and dole­ri­te), but the mountain is part of the same limesto­ne pla­teau as Varvs­ber­get and Gerums­ber­get. The actu­al visib­le mountain thus con­si­sts only of clay sha­le and dole­ri­te. Plantaberget’s dole­ri­te pla­teau covers more than four squa­re kilo­metres. Anot­her name for Plan­ta­ber­get is Högste­na­ber­get. Its hig­hest point is at 305 metres abo­ve sea level.

Natu­re reser­ves on Plantaberget