The Right of Pub­lic Access

This right brings with it a respon­si­bi­li­ty to use it care­ful­ly, such that our child­ren and grandchild­ren will also be able to enjoy and use the natu­ral world in the same way. It will only work as long as we use this right with respect. The basic prin­cip­le is to avo­id distur­bing and to avo­id destroying.

What is The Right och Pub­lic Access?

The right of pub­lic access ensu­res that eve­ry­o­ne has access to our Swe­dish natu­ral world. No mat­ter whet­her you hike, cyc­le, padd­ling or ski, you are allo­wed to move fre­ely eve­ry­whe­re. You are also allo­wed to pick flo­wers and ber­ri­es, light fires, and camp for a couple of nights on pri­va­tely owned land. The Swe­dish right of pub­lic access is unique.

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