A table mountain outside the geopark area

Gisseberget is one of the smallest of Västergötlands table mountains in terms of area, but at the same time one of the highest with its 327 meters above sea level. The mountain is located in Tidaholms municipality. Gisseberget rests on the same limestone plateau as Plantaberget, Varvsberget and Gerumsberget. The mountain we see consists of clay shale and diabase.

A good idea is to experience Gisseberget from eg Östra Gerums kyrka where you have a beatiful view over the small mountain. Gisseberget is a bit difficult to access. If you want to hike on the mountain we recommend the map service at Lantmäteriet to locate those few paths that leads up to the mountain. Also remember to behave according to the Swedish Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) so that you don’t disturb those living close by.

Lantmäteriets map service
the Swedish Right of Public Access