Gisse­ber­get is one of the smal­lest of Väs­ter­göt­lands tab­le mountains in terms of area, but at the same time one of the hig­hest with its 327 meters abo­ve sea level. The mountain is loca­ted in Tida­holms muni­ci­pa­li­ty. Gis­se­ber­get rests on the same limesto­ne pla­teau as Plan­ta­ber­get, Varvs­ber­get and Gerums­ber­get. The mountain we see con­si­sts of clay sha­le and diabase.

A good idea is to expe­ri­ence Gis­se­ber­get from eg Öst­ra Gerums kyr­ka whe­re you have a bea­ti­ful view over the small mountain. Gis­se­ber­get is a bit dif­ficult to access. If you want to hike on the mountain we recom­mend the map ser­vice at Lant­mä­te­ri­et to loca­te tho­se few pat­hs that leads up to the mountain. Also remem­ber to beha­ve accor­ding to the Swe­dish Right of Pub­lic Access (Alle­mans­rät­ten) so that you don’t disturb tho­se living clo­se by.

Lant­mä­te­ri­ets map service
the Swe­dish Right of Pub­lic Access