Disco­ver the tab­le mountain regi­on through our sum­mer camps for children!

GEO­KIDS is a con­cept deve­lo­ped by Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park. GEO­KIDS is an intro­duc­tion to out­do­or recre­a­tion, allowing the child­ren to disco­ver natu­re in a fun and exci­ting way with lots of play and mis­sions focus­sing on adven­tu­re, whi­le also let­ting them learn inte­re­s­ting facts along the way.

The goal is to cre­a­te a founda­tion for con­ti­nu­ed curi­o­si­ty towards out­do­or recre­a­tion throug­hout life, for as many child­ren as pos­sib­le. As much as we can, we also wish to make the par­ti­ci­pants more awa­re of their local envi­ron­ments and the uni­que tab­le mountain lands­cape, so that in the futu­re the par­ti­ci­pants will be proud of their local envi­ron­ments and want to help pre­ser­ve and main­tain them.

GEO­KIDS focu­ses main­ly on child­ren 9–12 years of age. A GEO­KIDS acti­vi­ty can be eit­her a one-day event or span­ning seve­ral days.

GEO­KIDS con­tains a few man­da­to­ry the­mes to be cove­red, but the orga­ni­zer is other­wi­se free to choo­se sui­tab­le acti­vi­ti­es. The man­da­to­ry the­mes are:

  • Infor­ma­tion about UNE­SCO Glo­bal Geo­parks and Pla­tå­ber­gens Geopark
  • The geo­lo­gy of the tab­le mountains
  • Out­do­or recre­a­tion and the Right of Pub­lic Access.

If you are inte­res­ted and want to learn more, or orga­ni­ze and use the GEO­KIDS con­cept, ple­a­se con­tact us at info@platabergensgeopark.se

For teachers

Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park offers furt­her educa­tion for teachers of all gra­des, with a chan­ce to learn more about the geo­lo­gy of the tab­le mountain regi­on, as well as of the region’s remar­kab­le cul­tural and indust­ri­al histo­ry. Con­tact us at info@platabergensgeopark.se to learn more! 

We work with the orga­ni­za­tion Geo­lo­gy Day, which has tons of mate­ri­al on geo­lo­gy. Find out more at https://geologinsdag.nu