Discover the table mountain region through our summer camps for children!

GEOKIDS is a concept developed by Platåbergens Geopark. GEOKIDS is an introduction to outdoor recreation, allowing the children to discover nature in a fun and exciting way with lots of play and missions focussing on adventure, while also letting them learn interesting facts along the way.

The goal is to create a foundation for continued curiosity towards outdoor recreation throughout life, for as many children as possible. As much as we can, we also wish to make the participants more aware of their local environments and the unique table mountain landscape, so that in the future the participants will be proud of their local environments and want to help preserve and maintain them.

GEOKIDS focuses mainly on children 9–12 years of age. A GEOKIDS activity can be either a one-day event or spanning several days.

GEOKIDS contains a few mandatory themes to be covered, but the organizer is otherwise free to choose suitable activities. The mandatory themes are:

  • Information about UNESCO Global Geoparks and Platåbergens Geopark
  • The geology of the table mountains
  • Outdoor recreation and the Right of Public Access.

If you are interested and want to learn more, or organize and use the GEOKIDS concept, please contact us at

For teachers

Platåbergens Geopark offers further education for teachers of all grades, with a chance to learn more about the geology of the table mountain region, as well as of the region’s remarkable cultural and industrial history. Contact us at to learn more! 

We work with the organization Geology Day, which has tons of material on geology. Find out more at