The rocks in Tova­ber­get are the same as in the other tab­le mountains: base­ment, sand­sto­ne, alum sha­le, limesto­ne, clay sha­le, and dole­ri­te. Both Tova­ber­get and Myg­ge­ber­get are some­ti­mes regar­ded as spurs pro­jecting from Brunnhems­ber­get. The dole­ri­te is visib­le at Tova­ber­get in the form of a pre­ci­pice 10–15 metres high.

On the wes­tern slo­pes of Tova­ber­get is a natu­re reser­ve, whe­re the limy clay sha­le favours fer­ti­le soils, herb-rich wood­land, and lime-loving moss flo­ra clo­se to streams and mars­hy wood­land. In some pla­ces whe­re the water is cal­ca­re­ous, we find alka­li­ne fens with a diver­se flora.

Natu­re reser­ves on Tovaberget