Between Brunnhems­ber­get and South Bil­ling­en lies a small tab­le mountain, rising 284 metres abo­ve sea level – Myg­ge­ber­get. The rocks we find in Myg­ge­ber­get are the same as in the other tab­le mountains: base­ment, sand­sto­ne, alum sha­le, limesto­ne, clay sha­le, and dole­ri­te. Myg­ge­ber­get sha­res its dole­ri­te pla­teau with Tova­ber­get, which is lower but lar­ger in terms of sur­fa­ce area. Both Myg­ge­ber­get and Tova­ber­get are some­ti­mes regar­ded as spurs pro­jecting from Brunnhemsberget.