Pla­tå­ber­gens UNE­SCO Glo­bal Geo­park (UGGP) is situ­a­ted in west Swe­den and is sin­ce 2022 Sweden’s first UNE­SCO Glo­bal Geo­park. Pla­tå­ber­gens UGGp is the pro­duct of a col­la­bo­ra­tion between nine Swe­dish muni­ci­pa­li­ti­es and the geo­park covers an area of 3690 km2. The clas­sic tab­le mountains have been impor­tant for geo­lo­gi­cal rese­arch sin­ce the 18th cen­tu­ry and bear wit­ness to seve­ral geo­lo­gi­cal pro­ces­ses that are impor­tant if we are to understand the deve­lop­ment of our pla­net. The tab­le mountains con­tain a rich fau­na of ear­ly Pale­o­zo­ic fos­sils as well as some of the world’s oldest mete­o­ri­te finds. The mountains have cre­a­ted the con­di­tions for a rich cul­tural heri­tage, valu­ab­le natu­re types, and fasci­na­ting destinations.

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Geo­park loca­tion (Euro­pe)
Geo­park loca­tion (Swe­den)


The aspi­ring Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park is a coo­pe­ra­tion between nine muni­ci­pa­li­ti­es: Troll­hät­tan, Väners­borg, Grästorp, Lid­kö­ping, Göte­ne, Ska­ra, Mari­estad, Sköv­de and Fal­kö­ping. The geo­park office is in Grästorp.

The basic fun­ding for Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park comes from the nine muni­ci­pa­li­ti­es, which toget­her pro­vi­de approx­i­ma­tely € 45,000 (SEK 450,000) per year. In addi­tion to that, we have basic fun­dings from Skaraborg’s and Fyrbodal’s asso­ci­a­tions of local aut­ho­ri­ti­es. We also have pro­cet fun­dings from the Euro­pe­an Regi­o­nal Deve­lop­ment Fund, LONA funds from the Swe­dish Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agen­cy, and funds from vari­ous savings bank foundations.


Anna Ber­gen­gren

Geo­park mana­ger and geoscientist
pho­ne: +4673–910 89 51

Sofia Hult­man

Tou­rism developer
pho­ne: +4673–247 03 06

Hen­rik Theodorsson

Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Officer
pho­ne: +46 70–148 29 07