Borgun­da­ber­get is one of the smal­lest tab­le mountains. The mountain is cove­red by bro­ad­le­af wood­land with rare mos­ses and lichen, and also houses one of Skaraborg’s most spe­ci­es-rich pastu­res. The hig­hest point of Bor­gun­da­ber­get is at 285 metres abo­ve sea level.

Bor­gun­da­ber­get has recent­ly reci­e­ved pro­tec­tion sta­tus as a natu­re reser­ve, and a par­king lot and two hiking trails have just been cre­a­ted. Blue trail 3.3 km and red trail 2.5 km.

Natu­re reser­ves on Borgundaberget

  • The webb­page of Bor­gun­da­ber­gets natur reser­ve is under construction.

Pics from Borgundaberget