Gui­ded tours & lectures

Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park offers lectu­res and furt­her educa­tion. The acti­vi­ti­es last between one hour and a full day. Ple­a­se con­tact us for more infor­ma­tion and prices. 

We can offer lectu­res on a vari­e­ty of sub­jects, and we are hap­py to adapt to your pre­fe­rences. A few of the sub­jects are: 

  • Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park and infor­ma­tion about geoparks
  • A tour through the tab­le mountain landscape
  • The geo­lo­gy of the tab­le mountains
  • Cul­tural and indust­ri­al histo­ry in the tab­le mountain region.


We also offer gui­ded tours throug­hout the geo­park. The tours are mana­ged eit­her by geo­park staff direct­ly or by one of our highly com­pe­tent part­ners. Upon request we can offer pac­kage deals inclu­ding beve­ra­ges and food.

Here are a few of the gui­ded tours you can expe­ri­ence upon request:

  • Hid­den limesto­ne caves at Hun­ne­berg (approx. two–three hours)
  • The “Gol­den Spi­ke” and the bre­ath­ta­king vis­ta from Hun­ne­berg (approx. two–three hours)
  • The pene­plain and the ama­zing view from Hal­le­berg (approx. two–three hours)
  • Klyf­ta­mon – disco­ver the wil­dest area in the geo­park (approx. three hours, PLE­A­SE NOTE that this is a rat­her deman­ding hike through terrain)
  • Sto­ra sto­lan – geo­lo­gy and indust­ri­al histo­ry at the nort­hern­most end of Bil­ling­en (approx. two–three hours)
  • Val­le härad – hiking through a uni­que lands­cape (from one hour up to a full day)
  • Ålle­berg – geo­lo­gy, legends, and folk tales (approx. two–three hours)
  • Vrå­hå­lan on Mös­se­berg – a jung­le at the bot­tom of a ravi­ne, and the view from the dole­ri­te cliffs (approx. two–three hours).

We can also offer spe­ci­al tours upon request.

For infor­ma­tion about lectu­res and gui­ded tours for groups, and for pri­ces, ple­a­se send an email to

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