Guided tours & lectures

Platåbergens Geopark offers lectures and further education. The activities last between one hour and a full day. Please contact us for more information and prices.

We can offer lectures on a variety of subjects, and we are happy to adapt to your preferences. A few of the subjects are: 

  • Platåbergens Geopark and information about geoparks
  • A tour through the table mountain landscape
  • The geology of the table mountains
  • Cultural and industrial history in the table mountain region.


We also offer guided tours throughout the geopark. The tours are managed either by geopark staff directly or by one of our highly competent partners. Upon request we can offer package deals including beverages and food.

Here are a few of the guided tours you can experience upon request:

  • Hidden limestone caves at Hunneberg (approx. two–three hours)
  • The “Golden Spike” and the breathtaking vista from Hunneberg (approx. two–three hours)
  • The peneplain and the amazing view from Halleberg (approx. two–three hours)
  • Klyftamon – discover the wildest area in the geopark (approx. three hours, PLEASE NOTE that this is a rather demanding hike through terrain)
  • Stora stolan – geology and industrial history at the northernmost end of Billingen (approx. two–three hours)
  • Valle härad – hiking through a unique landscape (from one hour up to a full day)
  • Ålleberg – geology, legends, and folk tales (approx. two–three hours)
  • Vråhålan on Mösseberg – a jungle at the bottom of a ravine, and the view from the dolerite cliffs (approx. two–three hours).

We can also offer special tours upon request.

For information about lectures and guided tours for groups, and for prices, please send an email to

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