Ymsingsborgs fornborg, Skövde
Ymnings­borg is a hill­fort that was built during the Iron Age (approx. 0–1000 CE).

This is unli­kely to have been a defen­si­ve enclo­su­re, but more likely a shel­te­red gat­he­ring pla­ce for peop­le from the area during times of unrest.

Ymnings­borg is loca­ted clo­se to the Bil­ling­e­le­den trail and is 130 metres long and boun­ded by the steep hill­si­de and sto­ne ramparts. Its loca­tion clo­se to the edge of the mountain offers pano­ra­mic views.

Hit­ta Hit

Ymsings­borg is loca­ted in the Rån­na Ryd natu­re reser­ve.