The hill­fort at the edge of Klyf­ta­mon and clo­se to lake Sto­ra Bjur­sjön was ori­gi­nal­ly built as a defen­si­ve enclo­su­re and a site for evacu­a­tion and refu­ge during peri­ods of unrest. 

Clo­se to lake Sto­ra Bjur­sjön the hill­si­de rises steeply from the sho­re. At the top of the 35-met­re-high rock face stands a hill­fort, and whe­re the slo­pes did not give adequa­te pro­tec­tion they were for­ti­fi­ed with ramparts and walls. 

The remains of the­se can still be seen. A vari­e­ty of small ferns grow among the rubb­le on the slo­pes. This is also the only site in Ska­ra­borg whe­re a pro­tec­ted spe­ci­es of pea vetch grows. The­re are open views from the top of the hill, par­ticu­lar­ly over the val­ley that gave Ler­da­la its name.

Hit­ta Hit

Bor­ge­hall’s hill­fort is loca­ted in the Bor­ge­hall natu­re reserve.