Here, on the nort­hern sec­tion of Billingen’s dole­ri­te pla­teau, are the remains of Grå­mur hill­fort. This is one of 40 or so hill­forts in Västergötland.

The­se for­ti­fi­ca­tions once ser­ved as pre­histo­ric san­ctu­a­ri­es. When dang­er thre­a­tened, peop­le withdrew to them and entren­ched them­sel­ves here. Most were built around 500 BCE.

The remains of Grå­mur hill­fort con­si­st today of a semi-cir­cu­lar wall of sto­ne. The drysto­ne walls were built by stac­king sto­nes on top of each other wit­hout mor­tar. You can see the remains of the wall among the tum­bled sto­nes. You can also see that the hill­fort buil­ders took advan­tage of the natu­ral slo­pes, which pro­vi­ded good pro­tec­tion from intruders.

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