It all started when someone working in their garden unearthed a gold neck ring in Vittene in late summer of 1990. When the find became known to archaeologists in autumn 1995 they uncovered the rest of the hoard.

During the investigation of the site a settlement dating from the Iron Age was discovered.The find turned out to be a prehistoric gold neck ring, and when a further four gold objects were found it became clear that this was one of the largest gold hoards to be unearthed from the time before Christ. Suddenly an area that had previously been regarded as relatively poor in finds had become sensational site of national interest.

The gold finds from Vittene have been on display in the Gold Room at the Swedish History Museum for many years. But the story of Sweden’s third largest gold find of all time and the exceptional cultural heritage of Vittene is told in its natural environment along the three-kilometre heritage trail.

Hitta Hit