It all star­ted when some­o­ne wor­king in their gar­den une­art­hed a gold neck ring in Vit­te­ne in late sum­mer of 1990. When the find beca­me known to archae­o­lo­gists in autumn 1995 they unco­ve­red the rest of the hoard.

During the inve­sti­ga­tion of the site a sett­le­ment dating from the Iron Age was discovered.The find tur­ned out to be a pre­histo­ric gold neck ring, and when a furt­her four gold objects were found it beca­me clear that this was one of the lar­gest gold hoards to be une­art­hed from the time befo­re Christ. Sud­den­ly an area that had pre­viously been regar­ded as rela­ti­vely poor in finds had become sen­sa­tio­nal site of natio­nal interest.

The gold finds from Vit­te­ne have been on dis­play in the Gold Room at the Swe­dish Histo­ry Muse­um for many years. But the sto­ry of Sweden’s third lar­gest gold find of all time and the excep­tio­nal cul­tural heri­tage of Vit­te­ne is told in its natu­ral envi­ron­ment along the three-kilo­met­re heri­tage trail.

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