At the foot of Hal­le­berg, below Ätte­stu­pan, we find power­ful pre­histo­ric remains.

The­re are two buri­al mounds dating from the late Iron Age on this site. On one mound stands a group of eight lar­ge sto­nes in a cir­c­le, known as a jud­ge cir­c­le. The cir­c­le is also known as the Häs­te­vad sto­nes and mea­su­res 19 metres in dia­me­ter. The­re were ori­gi­nal­ly more buri­al mounds here, but they were destroyed when the rail­way was built. The site was known and chro­nicled by Carl von Lin­né during his Väst­gö­tas­lät­ten jour­ney. King Adolf Fred­rik and Queen Lovi­sa Ulri­ka also had their names engra­ved on one of the sto­nes during a visit in 1754.

Hit­ta Hit

The Häs­te­vad sto­nes is loca­ted in the natu­re reser­ve of Hal­le- och Hun­ne­bergs ras­bran­ter.