Läckö Slott, a baro­que cast­le cre­a­ted by Mag­nus de la Gar­die, occu­pi­es a mag­ni­fi­cent loca­tion on a pro­mon­to­ry of the Eken archi­pe­la­go on lake Vänern, just out­si­de Lidköping.

You can explo­re the gar­dens, go to a con­cert and dine at the restau­rant Hvi­ta Hjor­ten. At the visi­tor cent­re, Natu­rum Vänerskär­går­den — Victo­ri­a­hu­set, you can learn more about the uni­que natu­ral and cul­tural envi­ron­ment of Kål­landsö island and lake Vänern.

Läckö Slott is one of the most popu­lar tou­rist des­ti­na­tions in West Swe­den and has been voted the most beau­ti­ful cast­le in Swe­den. Its 700 years of histo­ry, uni­quely pre­ser­ved baro­que salons and the spectacu­lar set­ting make the cast­le an expe­ri­ence not to be mis­sed. A wide range of acti­vi­ti­es are orga­ni­sed at the cast­le  for adults and child­ren ali­ke, inclu­ding con­certs, ope­ra, gui­ded tours and much more. Dig­ging and replan­ting take pla­ce in the small cast­le gar­den (Lil­la Slotts­träd­går­den) each spring, and eve­ry sum­mer visi­tors are enchan­ted by the colours, sha­pes and smells as they descend the old sto­ne steps. The enchan­ting exhi­bi­tion gar­den is renow­ned for the way it delights the sen­ses and offers a uni­que design eve­ry summer.

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