A hiking trail runs along Väs­storp­så­sen, from Natu­rum Horn­bor­ga­sjön out towards Fågeludden.

Väs­storp­så­sen is an esker, a land­form cre­a­ted during the last ice age when mel­t­wa­ter bene­ath the ice cre­a­ted ridges of sto­ne, gra­vel, and sand. Eskers run paral­lel to the ice’s direc­tion of move­ment, usu­al­ly north–south. The sto­nes, gra­vel, and sand in the esker are roun­ded and arrang­ed by size. Vässtorpsåsen’s pea­ked pro­fi­le is due to its posi­tion abo­ve the hig­hest coast­li­ne – it has not been affec­ted by the waves of the sea. Due to its shape, this type of ridge is cal­led a “goat back ridge”.

It is a two-kilo­met­re walk from Natu­rum Horn­bor­ga­sjön to Väs­storp­så­sen. Disco­ver the hiking trail FÅGEL­UD­DEN – YTTER­BERG here.

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Väs­storp­så­sen is loca­ted wit­hin Horn­bor­ga­sjön natu­re reser­ve.