Rus­ke­la Spring, situ­a­ted on the west slo­pe of Brunnhems­ber­get, is a natu­ral well spring­ing from the mountain’s clay sha­le layer.

The dole­ri­te, posi­tio­ned abo­ve the clay sha­le, is fractu­red enough to let water through down to the porous, soft, and much fractu­red clay sha­le. Well­springs in the clay sha­le often have good ground­wa­ter as it is rarely affec­ted by human acti­vi­ty, becau­se the clay shale’s extent is more or less limi­ted to that of the mountains’ dole­ri­te plateaus.

Rus­ke­la Stream runs west­wards from Rus­ke­la Spring, down the slo­pe. Along the stream is a rich moss flo­ra and plen­ty of dead wood. The hiking trail Faledre­ven runs across the reser­ve. The­re are ben­ches and a fire­pla­ce by the well­spring. The spring is situ­a­ted in the natu­re reser­ve Rus­ke­la källa.

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Rus­ke­la käl­la is a natu­re reserve.