A couple of kilo­metres along the road from Lug­nås and the E20 towards the Qvarnstens­gru­van mine, you can see a col­lec­tion of mill­sto­nes that were aban­do­ned at the “mar­ket” or gat­he­red from the forests around Lugnåsberget.

Sten­tor­get was ori­gi­nal­ly a pla­ce whe­re mill­sto­nes were dres­sed, sto­red and sold. If somet­hing went wrong during the pro­duc­tion or trans­port of the mill­sto­nes they were often aban­do­ned in the forests, and as you walk along the pat­hs and roads in Lug­nås you can see many of their remains today.

Hit­ta Hit