At Råda Ås the­re is a viewing pavi­li­on that gives you views over Lid­kö­ping, Kin­ne­kul­le and Kinneviken.

The­re is also a small but very infor­ma­ti­ve geo­lo­gy exhi­bi­tion at the viewing pavi­li­on whe­re you can learn more about the geo­lo­gi­cal events that cre­a­ted this lands­cape. The­re are also the­med pat­hs with infor­ma­tion boards on cul­tu­re, natu­re and geo­lo­gy. Just a stone’s throw away is Rådås­går­den, from whe­re a seri­es of jog­ging trails follow rolling ground over distan­ces of 2, 5 and 10 kilometres.

Hit­ta Hit