At the sout­hern tip of Lake Vänern the pla­teaus of a geo­lo­gi­cal­ly uni­que pair of mountains, Hal­le­berg and Hun­ne­berg, rise high abo­ve the Väst­gö­tas­lät­ten plains.

This area has a long and fasci­na­ting histo­ry. The lands­cape here has inspi­red many myt­hs and has sha­ped and sustai­ned the peop­le of the regi­on for thousands of years. The­se mountains form the only eco­park in West Swe­den, which covers just over 6700 hecta­res and inclu­des uni­que and bio­lo­gi­cal­ly valu­ab­le wood­land envi­ron­ments. An eco­park is a desig­na­tion that the sta­te forestry com­pa­ny Sve­askog gives to a few of its forest are­as. Parts of the mountains are pro­tec­ted as natu­re reserves.

A good star­ting point for hiking on Hun­ne­berg is the Royal Hunt Muse­um – Älgens Berg, at Ber­ga­går­den. Here you will find maps, gui­des, fishing per­mits and other use­ful infor­ma­tion about the mountains. The­re is also a well-stoc­ked sou­ve­nir shop. The Ber­ga­går­den off-road trails at Hun­ne­berg are 2.5, 5 and 10 kilo­metres, and the­re is 2.5‑kilometre-long illu­mi­na­ted trail. The­re is also a natu­re trail that is acces­sib­le by whe­el­chairs. In win­ter the­re is access to a pre­pa­red cross-country ski trail. Gui­ded tours are orga­ni­sed on Hal­le­berg and Hun­ne­berg eve­ry summer.

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