On the west slo­pe of Mös­se­berg, at a height of approx­i­ma­tely 200 metres, the limesto­ne has for­med a ter­ra­ce which insi­de the reser­ve has a length of 800 metres and a max­i­mum wid­th of 130 metres.

To the west this ter­ra­ce tran­si­tions into ver­ti­cal rock expo­su­res. To the far south-west is an espe­ci­al­ly well-deve­lo­ped ver­ti­cal cliff. The upper part of the approx­i­ma­tely 30-met­re-thick ort­ho­ce­ra­ti­te limesto­ne is cove­red by an almost insig­ni­fi­cant soil lay­er. The limesto­ne is expo­sed in seve­ral pla­ces, both par­ti­al­ly on the flat heath and on the ver­ti­cal cliffs to the north-west. The limesto­ne has a network of fractu­res run­ning through it. Most of the reser­ve is cove­red with alvar vege­ta­tion; smal­ler parts con­si­st of wet­land and groves. The ver­ti­cal rock walls with sty­lo­li­tes has an inte­re­s­ting flo­ra, espe­ci­al­ly ferns such as wall-rue and mai­den­hair spleenwort.

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Kle­va klin­tar is a natu­re reser­ve.