On the west slope of Mösseberg, at a height of approximately 200 metres, the limestone has formed a terrace which inside the reserve has a length of 800 m and a maximum width of 130 m.

To the west this terrace transitions into vertical rock exposures. To the far south-west is an especially well-developed vertical cliff. 

The upper part of the approximately 30-metre-thick orthoceratite limestone is covered by an almost insignificant soil layer. The limestone is exposed in several places, both partially on the flat heath and on the vertical cliffs to the north-west. The limestone has a network of fractures running through it. Most of the reserve is covered with alvar vegetation; smaller parts consist of wetland and groves. The vertical rock walls with stylolites has an interesting flora, especially ferns such as wall-rue and maidenhair spleenwort.

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