Bor­gun­da­ber­get is one of the smal­lest tab­le mountains in Väs­ter­göt­land, loca­ted between Sten­storp and Skultorp.

Bor­gun­da­ber­get is a typi­cal tab­le mountain, cha­rac­te­ri­sed by a num­ber of Cam­bro-Silu­ri­an lay­ers with a pro­tecti­ve dole­ri­te cap on top. The pla­teau itself is essen­ti­al­ly flat and marked by smal­ler drops and steep slo­pes to the west, north, and east. The pla­teau is cove­red by old bro­ad­le­af wood­land very rich in dead wood. Birch, aspen, and goat wil­low domi­na­tes, but the­re is also spru­ce, white­beam, wild cher­ry, ash, oak, rowan, pine, elm, and wild app­le. The­re is a very rich wood fungi flo­ra with seve­ral red-lis­ted spe­ci­es tied to the natu­ral­ly dead wood. Hazel grows in abun­dan­ce across most of the area.

The rocky escarp­ments have high natu­ral values tied to the wood­land eco­systems with their par­ti­al­ly very old tre­es. In some parts of the escarp­ments, the boul­ders are con­ti­nu­al­ly wetted by moistu­re and water, enabling thick moss to spre­ad out over the sto­nes and tree trunks.

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Bor­gun­da­ber­get is a natu­re reser­ve.