On Billingen’s dole­ri­te pla­teau is Blängs­mos­sen, a bog sur­roun­ded by flat coni­fe­rous wood­land. The bog is one of the lar­gest in the county as well as one of the wet­test, with highly deve­lo­ped hollows.

Blängs­mos­sen belongs to the south-west Swe­dish type of bog known as the “Komos­se vari­e­ty”, becau­se of its abun­dan­ce of cross-lea­ved heath on the bog and its lack of wild rose­ma­ry in the forests along the edge of the bog. The area is easi­est to reach from the par­king lot to the west of the bog, whe­re foot­bridges lead up to the bog. The­re is a par­king lot to the south-west of the area, on the far side of the Lerdala–Skövde road. Foot­bridges lead from the par­king lot to the bog and bird tower. Ski tracks are laid down in win­ter. The Bil­ling­en Trail opens to the eas­tern bor­der of the reser­ve. The­re are infor­ma­tion signs at the par­king lots and at two other loca­tions in the eas­tern part of the reserve.

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Blängs­mos­sen is a natu­re reser­ve.