On Billingen’s dolerite plateau is Blängsmossen, a bog surrounded by flat coniferous woodland. The bog is one of the largest in the county as well as one of the wettest, with highly developed hollows.

Blängsmossen belongs to the south-west Swedish type of bog known as the “Komosse variety”, because of its abundance of cross-leaved heath on the bog and its lack of wild rosemary in the forests along the edge of the bog. The area is easiest to reach from the parking lot to the west of the bog, where footbridges lead up to the bog. There is a parking lot to the south-west of the area, on the far side of the Lerdala–Skövde road. Footbridges lead from the parking lot to the bog and bird tower. Ski tracks are laid down in winter. The Billingen Trail opens to the eastern border of the reserve. There are information signs at the parking lots and at two other locations in the eastern part of the reserve.

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Blängsmossen is a nature reserve.