Fal­byg­den Muse­um is a muni­ci­pal muse­um that aims to portray the rich cul­tural heri­tage of the Fal­byg­den region.

The muse­um is in the cent­re of Fal­kö­ping, set in the beau­ti­ful Plan­tis city park.

The exhi­bi­tion Pre­histo­ry in Fal­byg­den … and a thousand years more offers excep­tio­nal histo­ri­cal insights. The exhi­bi­tion hall com­bi­nes art exhi­bi­tions with exhi­bi­tions on cul­tural heri­tage themes.

The muse­um also has its own shop and a café cor­ner that ser­ves hot and cold drinks and chocolate.

On the lower flo­or is a maker works­hop for children.

For more infor­ma­tion, visit: https://www.falkoping.se/falbygdensmuseum

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