The mission of Västergötland Museum is to preserve, look after and bring to life our cultural heritage for present and future generations.

The idea behind the exhibitions and activities is to stimulate interest and serve as a source of knowledge, as well as awaking the curiosity of visitors and making them think about local heritage.

Västergötland Museum is a meeting place and exhibition space, but also hosts lectures, courses and a variety of events. The museum has an extensive archive of images that remind us of our cultural heritage, as well as unique collections of objects. The staff carry out archaeological investigations and building conservation work.

There are three permanent exhibitions at Västergötland Museum: Medieval Skara, Between iceand fire and Agnes de Frumerie. In addition to the permanent exhibitions there is a rolling programme throughout the year.

Close to the main building is the Fornbyn open-air museum, which is also part of Västergötland Museum.

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