Ekehagen Prehistoric Village is an archaeological open-air museum and one of the largest prehistoric villages in Scandinavia.

Prehistory is brought to life here with the help of reconstructed dwelling sites, guided tours and activities. A beautiful nature trail runs through village, between dwelling huts and longhouses from the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages.

In addition to the ancient dwellings, Ekehagen also has a herb garden – the prehistoric larder – with herbs from nature and cultivated garden crops. Wild pigs and Linderöd pigs root around in the village’s animal pens, while cows and sheep roam freely in the meadow.

Useful tip! Pre-book an activity for your group. Book a visit for your group, such as a guided tour of the prehistoric village, a prehistoric pentathlon or a family activity. Activities are subject to demand and seasonal conditions.

For more information, visit: https://www.falkoping.se/ekehagensforntidsby

Hitta Hit