Eke­ha­gen Pre­histo­ric Vil­lage is an archae­o­lo­gi­cal open-air muse­um and one of the lar­gest pre­histo­ric vil­la­ges in Scandinavia.

Pre­histo­ry is brought to life here with the help of recon­struc­ted dwel­ling sites, gui­ded tours and acti­vi­ti­es. A beau­ti­ful natu­re trail runs through vil­lage, between dwel­ling huts and long­houses from the Sto­ne, Bron­ze and Iron ages.

In addi­tion to the anci­ent dwel­lings, Eke­ha­gen also has a herb gar­den – the pre­histo­ric lar­der – with herbs from natu­re and cul­ti­va­ted gar­den crops. Wild pigs and Lin­deröd pigs root around in the village’s ani­mal pens, whi­le cows and sheep roam fre­ely in the meadow.

Use­ful tip! Pre-book an acti­vi­ty for your group. Book a visit for your group, such as a gui­ded tour of the pre­histo­ric vil­lage, a pre­histo­ric pen­tathlon or a family acti­vi­ty. Acti­vi­ti­es are sub­ject to demand and sea­so­nal conditions.

For more infor­ma­tion, visit: https://www.falkoping.se/ekehagensforntidsby

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