Ekornavallen is a remarkable ancient burial ground located in the beautiful countryside between Falköping och Varnhem. The site contains burial remains from three prehistorical eras, the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

The earliest grave dates from the early Stone Age, around 3300 BCE, while the most recent dates from the Viking era, around. 800–1050 CE. This means that people have been using Ekornavallen as a burial site for more than 4000 years. This fact also shows that the area has been inhabited and farmed for the same length of time. Perhaps the most eye-catching feature at Ekornavallen is the large passage grave to the far north, known as Girommen. This grave was constructed during the early Stone Age and a large number of people were buried here.

Most of the remains at Ekornavallen were created during the Iron Age, including all the standing stones, judge circles and stone settings. Many of the stones stand on an almost straight line, oriented south to north. Some people believe that they were positioned along an ancient road, of which there is no trace today. However it has not been possible to prove this. Curiously there are also bowl marks on the sides of some of the stones. These stones may have been roof blocks from passage graves that were re-used.

Hitta Hit