Ekor­na­val­len is a remar­kab­le anci­ent buri­al ground loca­ted in the beau­ti­ful country­si­de between Fal­kö­ping och Varn­hem. The site con­tains buri­al remains from three pre­histo­ri­cal eras, the Sto­ne Age, Bron­ze Age and Iron Age.

The ear­li­est gra­ve dates from the ear­ly Sto­ne Age, around 3300 BCE, whi­le the most recent dates from the Viking era, around. 800‑1050 CE. This means that peop­le have been using Ekor­na­val­len as a buri­al site for more than 4000 years. This fact also shows that the area has been inha­bi­ted and far­med for the same length of time. Per­haps the most eye-catching fea­tu­re at Ekor­na­val­len is the lar­ge pas­sage gra­ve to the far north, known as Girom­men. This gra­ve was con­struc­ted during the ear­ly Sto­ne Age and a lar­ge num­ber of peop­le were buri­ed here.

Most of the remains at Ekor­na­val­len were cre­a­ted during the Iron Age, inclu­ding all the stan­ding sto­nes, jud­ge cir­cles and sto­ne set­tings. Many of the sto­nes stand on an almost straight line, ori­en­ted south to north. Some peop­le beli­e­ve that they were posi­tio­ned along an anci­ent road, of which the­re is no tra­ce today. However it has not been pos­sib­le to pro­ve this. Curi­ously the­re are also bowl marks on the sides of some of the sto­nes. The­se sto­nes may have been roof blocks from pas­sage gra­ves that were re-used.

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