Luttra passage grave is one of the most famous of the 250-plus passage graves in Falbygden and possibly the most photographed. It was constructed in the Stone Age, approximately 5000 years ago.

The impressive megalithic monuments around the Falbygden region and in the town of Falköping itself remind us how the first farmers of this land buried their dead and marked their presence for the afterworld. The region has no less than two-thirds of all the passage graves in Sweden – large burial monuments built from massive stones.

Luttra passage grave is constructed in a style that is typical of Falbygden. It was built during the Stone Age, about 5500–5000 years ago, as a tomb for a large number of people. Inside the passage grave, archaeologists have found bones from around 100 individuals. As well as the bones of buried people, the finds also included flint arrowheads, bone needles and pendants made from bone and animal teeth. The passage grave has a single roof block still in its original location, which weighs about 13 tonnes.

Hitta Hit