In the 1950s, a dole­ri­te quar­ry was opened up on the east side of Hun­ne­berg. The­re was strong oppo­si­tion to the quar­ry, as it would mean an ugly scar on the sil­hou­et­te of the mountain.

Nevert­he­less the govern­ment appro­ved a per­mit to quar­ry dole­ri­te for hardco­re, to pro­vi­de aggre­ga­te for making concre­te and for road buil­ding. However, the crushed dole­ri­te was found to be unsu­i­tab­le for this pur­po­se, so the busi­ness made a loss and had to be shut down after a few years.

Hit­ta Hit

The Hun­ne­berg dole­ri­te quar­ry is loca­ted in the Hal­le- och Hun­ne­bergs ras­bran­ter natu­re reser­ve.