In the 1950s, a dolerite quarry was opened up on the east side of Hunneberg. There was strong opposition to the quarry, as it would mean an ugly scar on the silhouette of the mountain.

Nevertheless the government approved a permit to quarry dolerite for hardcore, to provide aggregate for making concrete and for road building. However, the crushed dolerite was found to be unsuitable for this purpose, so the business made a loss and had to be shut down after a few years.

Today, there are great views from the edge of the old dolerite quarry. The outlook over Tore mosse and Torsjön, Dettern and Frugårdsundet – the former ford road – with Lake Vänern near the horizon, all framed by Halleberg and Floslätten, creates a captivating panorama. NOTE! You visit the lookout point at your own risk, there is no fence!

Hitta Hit