West of Mösseberg, on its limestone plateau, is Healedet. This flat area is of geoscientific interest because of its thin soil cover bordering on alvar, which in Sweden exists only on the islands of Gotland and Öland – and on the table mountains of Västergötland.

Healedet is one of the most valuable alvar grazing lands on Västergötland’s table mountains. The area contains a species-rich flora representative of alvars. The majority of the grazing land consists of herb-rich dry-meadow flora typical of alvars. There are many different species here, including dropwort, bloody geranium, willowleaf yellowhead, meadow oat-grass, oxeye daisy, cowslip, and burnet-saxifrage.

There are two ancient remains within the area. The north one contains a stone setting and remains of a stone circle. The south one contains a grave field with around 15 distinct ancient remains, among them a stone circle and several stone settings. 

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Healedet is a nature reserve.