West of Mös­se­berg, on its limesto­ne pla­teau, is Hea­le­det. This flat area is of geosci­en­ti­fic inte­rest becau­se of its thin soil cover bor­de­ring on alvar, which in Swe­den exists only on the islands of Got­land and Öland – and on the tab­le mountains of Västergötland.

Hea­le­det is one of the most valu­ab­le alvar gra­zing lands on Västergötland’s tab­le mountains. The area con­tains a spe­ci­es-rich flo­ra repre­sen­ta­ti­ve of alvars. The majo­ri­ty of the gra­zing land con­si­sts of herb-rich dry-mea­dow flo­ra typi­cal of alvars. The­re are many dif­fe­rent spe­ci­es here, inclu­ding dropwort, bloody gera­ni­um, wil­low­le­af yel­lowhe­ad, mea­dow oat-grass, oxeye dai­sy, cowslip, and burnet-saxifrage.

The­re are two anci­ent remains wit­hin the area. The north one con­tains a sto­ne set­ting and remains of a sto­ne cir­c­le. The south one con­tains a gra­ve field with around 15 distin­ct anci­ent remains, among them a sto­ne cir­c­le and seve­ral sto­ne settings. 

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Hea­le­det is a natu­re reser­ve.