The cathedral is the very symbol of Skara. The first records of a cathedral being consecrated on this site date from around 1150, but new finds indicate that there was a church here during the previous century.

The church has been ravaged by wars and fires over the years, but has survived despite this and raised itself from the gravel, ashes and humiliation.

Restoration work in 1947–1949 revealed a well-preserved crypt dating from the 12th century, and during the 1999 restoration even older stone remains were found. During the most recent restoration a groined vault was built over the crypt, creating a beautiful space for worship.

The current Gothic design dates to the 1886–1894 restoration, under the guidance of architect Helgo Zettervall. The furnishings are unique and include the Soop Mausoleum and Bo Beskow’s handsome glass mosaic window.

We should also mention the local nickname for the twin towers built in 1809–1810: Skara’s pants. People thought they looked like a pair of pants, and the name stuck, although the towers have clearly changed shape since then!

Hitta Hit