On north-west Hun­ne­berg is the Älvut­sik­ten viewing plat­form, which offers views from Troll­hät­tan, by the river Göta, to Var­gön, Väners­borg and sout­hern Vänerviken.

Follow the Ring Road from Ber­ga­går­den 2.5 kilo­metres south-west to the “Älvut­sik­ten” sign. The­re is par­king at the roadsi­de and from the­re it is approx­i­ma­tely 100 metres walk to the viewing plat­form. This area is acces­sib­le by whe­el­chairs and strol­lers, as the­re are a bridge over the rocky area.

Hit­ta Hit

Älvut­sik­ten is loca­ted in the natu­re reser­ve Hal­le- och Hun­ne­bergs ras­bran­ter.