Åsle Tå Museumis the largest group of preserved labourers’ cottages in Sweden. Take a stroll along the picturesque Tågatan lane, lined with a dozen labourers’ cottages which still stand in their original locations.

A “Tå” was originally a common area of land in a Swedish village where cattle could be kept and watered. Over time, paupers who owned no land were allowed to build their own cottages on this common land. These Tås grew in size throughout Sweden, but as a result of growing industrialisation, urbanisation and emigration at the end of the 19th century they were gradually abandoned. In most areas the cottages were entirely demolished. But not in Åsle, where a heritage association set up in 1923 decided to preserve the site for future generations.

This is a place to learn more about the poverty of 18th and 19th century Sweden, see the authentic interiors and share the touching tales of the people who lived here. The experience at Åsle Tå is reinforced by the fact that several of the cottages are now populatedby lifesize figures.

The old smithy and the mill have been rebuilt, and at the far end of Tågatan there are now a storehouse and a relocated post-and-plank barn.

The site also has an agricultural museum and an information shed that tells you more about the rich history of the area. There is a café next to the museum.

Learn more at asleta.se (swedish)

Hitta Hit