At Sil­ver­fal­let the water casca­des 60 metres over the edge of the mountain in seve­ral sec­tions. At the top of the water­fall the water rushes over limesto­ne shel­ves, and mid­way it pas­ses over alum sha­le. The water­fall then levels out when it reaches the sand­sto­ne shel­ves at the bottom.

Most of the slo­pes around Sil­ver­fal­let and Karls­fors are cove­red with bro­ad­le­af wood­land and lime-loving flo­ra – clear­ly showing the inte­rac­tion between the under­ly­ing rocks and plant life. In spring the­re is an abun­dan­ce of liver­le­af, coryda­lis, lung­wort, wild gar­lic, and small pat­ches of yel­low wood ane­mo­nes. The red heaps of bur­ned sha­le are most­ly colo­ni­sed by birch and willow.

Smal­ler are­as of open pastu­re also have a diver­se range of plants, inclu­ding hawk’s beard, peach-lea­ved bell­flo­wer, dropwort, and Car­li­ne thist­le. At Sil­ver­fal­let the­re are lar­ge colo­ni­es of liver­le­af and drab brook moss. Grey wag­tails and white-thro­a­ted dip­pers breed by the water­fall. Furt­her upstream the­re is bog wet­land, seve­ral small brooks, and a vari­ed agricul­tural lands­cape. Daph­ne meze­re­um grows widely on the wet­land are­as. This area is espe­ci­al­ly popu­lar in spring, when the water­fall and the diver­se flo­ra make it well worth a visit. The song of icte­ri­ne war­blers and wood war­blers can be heard in the bro­ad­le­af wood­land. In sum­mer, the brooks dry out completely.

Sil­ver­fal­let is one of the most popu­lar des­ti­na­tions in Sköv­de and well worth a visit all year round – espe­ci­al­ly in win­ter when it becomes a fairy tale ice landscape!

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Sil­ver­fal­let is a natu­re reser­ve.