Kata Gård near Varnhem is an information centre built on the hill behind the monastery ruins.

Archaeological excavations here have uncovered sensational finds that reveal the history of this area during the Viking era. This was a powerful Viking farm at that time. The farm had one of the oldest stone churches in Sweden, as well as a Christian burial site that was first used as early as the 10th century.

The skeleton of an important and powerful woman was found in one of the graves – Kata. We know her name thanks to the inscriptions on the runestone that covered her grave.

It was the local geology that provided the conditions for human settlement at Kata Gård. Without the fertile, lime-rich soil that produced rich harvests, such a large farm could not have developed here. Limestone from Billingen was used to build the farm church. The same limestone was also used to make the cover stone on Kata’s grave, which ensured the exceptional preservation of her skeleton.

Hitta Hit