Vrå­hå­lan is a wed­ge-sha­ped rift val­ley. Its wes­tern part con­si­sts of almost ver­ti­cal cliffs, 20–25 metres high. Along lengt­hy stret­ches imme­di­a­tely below the cliffs, the­re are mighty scre­es, so-cal­led talus slopes.

This area con­tains impres­si­ve bro­ad­le­af wood­land, almost inac­ces­sib­le bog wet­lands, dra­ma­tic cliffs, deep chasms, and – not least – a spectacu­lar view. In Vrå­hå­lan the­re are also around ten so-cal­led alka­li­ne fens. This is the lar­gest num­ber of alka­li­ne fens in one area in the enti­re county. Alka­li­ne fens are rich in cal­ci­um and are home to seve­ral rare orchids and mos­ses. The woods in the area are lar­gely untouched by the forest indu­stry. The inner­most part of the deep, dark, and dank ravi­ne is colo­ni­sed by seve­ral rare lichen and mos­ses growing on boul­ders and tree trunks.

Vrå­hå­lan is a natu­re reser­ve.

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