Vråhålan is a wedge-shaped rift valley. Its western part consists of almost vertical cliffs, 20–25 metres high. Along lengthy stretches immediately below the cliffs, there are mighty screes, so-called talus slopes.

This area contains impressive broadleaf woodland, almost inaccessible bog wetlands, dramatic cliffs, deep chasms, and – not least – a spectacular view.

In Vråhålan there are also around ten so-called alkaline fens. This is the largest number of alkaline fens in one area in the entire county. Alkaline fens are rich in calcium and are home to several rare orchids and mosses. The woods in the area are largely untouched by the forest industry. The innermost part of the deep, dark, and dank ravine is colonised by several rare lichen and mosses growing on boulders and tree trunks.

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