Thors­berg quar­ry is the only loca­tion whe­re limesto­ne is still quar­ri­ed on Kinnekulle.

It has been in use sin­ce 1890, and it has been a family busi­ness for seve­ral gene­ra­tions. Limesto­ne from the quar­ry is used to make items such as flo­o­ring, win­dow­sills and sto­nework for histo­ri­cal reno­va­tions. Around 12,000 tons of sto­ne are quar­ri­ed here each year but only about 2000 tons is of suf­fi­ci­ent­ly high qua­li­ty for use as sto­nework, whi­le the rest is crushed for aggregate.

NOTE! This is a wor­king sto­ne quar­ry, and is not open to the pub­lic. If you have a spe­ci­al inte­rest in visi­ting, ple­a­se con­tact Thors­berg quar­ry direct­ly to arrange a visit!

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