One of the most beau­ti­ful runesto­nes in Väs­ter­göt­land is Olsbrostenen.

The date is uncer­tain, but the runes were pro­bably car­ved in the 970s. In addi­tion to the runic inscrip­tion, the sto­ne bears a splen­did picto­ri­al tale about what is known as “the gre­at ani­mal”. This image is the finest Viking-age car­ving in Väs­ter­göt­land. The runes are about Olav, who died in Esto­nia, and was pos­sib­ly took part in Harald Bluetooth’s rava­ging of the east. The runes are car­ved on a gra­ni­te block that is more than two metres tall.

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