Gudhem Abbey was founded in 1161. It belonged originally to the earlier Benedictine order, which was later succeeded by the Cistercian order. Despite the beautiful location and views toward lake Hornborgasjön and the tabletop mountains, plans were soon made to relocate.

In 1340 the nuns moved to Aranäs farm at Kinnekulle, but they soon returned to Gudhem, which remained the home of the convent until the Reformation. In 1529 the abbey was reduced to ash by a violent fire and was never rebuilt. Thanks to excellent conservation work it is easy to get an overview of the entire abbey today. An abbey museum has been created near Gudhem royal estate.

Gudhem abbey is mentioned in Jan Guillou’s novel about the hero Arn. It was at Gudhem abbey that Arn’s fiancée Cecilia ended her 20 years of penance while Arn was fighting as a knight templar. Next to the museum is a small abbey garden containing herbs and medieval roses.

Hitta Hit