Nord­kro­ken is not just a gre­at pla­ce to swim in Lake Vänern. The­re are also very distin­cti­ve, per­fect­ly flat are­as of expo­sed rock here – in con­trast with the steep rock walls nearby.

The­se flat rock sur­fa­ces were for­med more than half a bil­li­on years ago! The bed­rock had pre­viously been weat­he­red and ero­ded to cre­a­te the flat lands­cape that you see now. This flat sur­fa­ce is cal­led the sub-Cam­bri­an pene­plain and can be seen espe­ci­al­ly clear­ly here at Nord­kro­ken. The tab­le mountains were for­med later when a sea flooded the pene­plain and buri­ed it under sedi­ment. The sea depo­si­ted sedi­ments over the pene­plain for almost 150 mil­li­on years and gave rise to the tab­le mountains, inclu­ding Hal­le­berg and Hunneberg.

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