Natu­rum Vänerskär­går­den – Victo­ri­a­hu­setis a visi­tor cent­re around 300 metres from Läckö Cast­le in Lid­kö­ping, West Swe­den, which makes it a gre­at star­ting point for explo­ring the Vänern archi­pe­la­go natu­re reserve.

The visi­tor cent­re has its own restau­rant and accom­mo­da­tion. Befo­re hea­ding out and explo­ring for your­self, you can learn more about the ani­mals,plants, geo­lo­gy and cul­tural heri­tage that have sha­ped thisarea. Watch, lis­ten and learn. The visi­tor cent­re is set in the open lands­cape of the Vänern archi­pe­la­go, and is the ide­al pla­ce to get answers to your ques­tions, book tic­kets for events and check in if you are stay­ing overnight. 

The cent­re has its own restau­rant – Hvi­ta Hjor­ten – whe­re you can relax and enjoy first-class dining whi­le gazing out over lake Vänern. Pro­du­ce is sour­ced local­ly, inclu­ding some from the kit­chen gar­den at Läckö Cast­le. If you need accom­mo­da­tion for the night you can sleep well in one of the 15 hotel rooms. 

They are qui­et, pea­ce­ful and natu­ral­ly fur­nished, with com­for­tab­le beds and beau­ti­ful views of the forest, Läckö Cast­le or the Vänern archi­pe­la­go, depen­ding on which room you choo­se. Some of the rooms are a litt­le lar­ger than the others and have a bal­co­ny. The buil­ding also has con­fe­rence facilities

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