What would Väst­gö­tas­lät­ten plains be wit­hout the birds?

On the east side of Lake Horn­bor­ga you will find Fågel­ud­den. You will find both Natu­rum Horn­bor­ga­sjön Horn­bor­ga and Café Dop­ping­en here. Seve­ral hiking trails also start from Fågel­ud­den. Natu­rum Horn­bor­ga­sjön and Café Dop­ping­en are usu­al­ly open between March and October.

At Natu­rum Horn­bor­ga­sjön the­re is always the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn somet­hing new.  It has a beau­ti­ful exhi­bi­tion that con­veys the are­a’s natu­ral envi­ron­ment, geo­lo­gy, histo­ry and bird life to visitors.

Wha­te­ver the time of year, gre­at expe­ri­ences in natu­re await you here. Among other things, you can look in in our bird san­ctu­a­ri­es and see bird life at clo­se range. From Fågel­ud­den the­re are also seve­ral hiking trails.

Lake Horn­bor­ga­sjön was for­med after the last ice age. During the 18th and ear­ly 19th cen­tu­ri­es the lake was lowered to cre­a­te agricul­tural land, but in the 1990s it was resto­red to its ori­gi­nal depth.

To expe­ri­ence the cra­ne dan­ce or learn more about the natu­re and wild­li­fe around Horn­bor­ga­sjön, visit Natu­rum Horn­bor­ga­sjön: www.hornborga.com

Hit­ta Hit

Natu­rum Horn­bor­ga­sjön is loca­ted in the natu­re reser­ve Horn­bor­ga­sjön.