On the nort­hern tip of Mös­se­berg stand the remains of one of the lar­gest anci­ent hill­forts in Sweden.

It mea­su­res a full 1150 metres in cir­cum­fe­rence and has 770-met­re-long sto­ne ramparts on three sides. On the fourth side the mountain drops away steeply, so the­re was no need for ramparts here. The fort is cal­led Trä­le­borg and pro­vi­ded open views over the country­si­de for many kilo­metres. The site was part of a chain of sig­nal beacons, which could be lit to pass sig­nals from one to the next. The fort was built around 2800 BCE, and exca­va­tions were car­ri­ed out here in the 1980s.

Hit­ta Hit