The anci­ent site of Hal­le­berg, which mea­su­res 6000 x 5500 metres, is boun­ded by steep natu­ral mountain slo­pes and built sto­ne walls.

All the walls and ramparts on the mountain are beli­e­ved to belong to the anci­ent hill­fort. The­re are also walls or remains of walls at clefts in the rock that could give access to the mountain. The walls have a com­bi­ned length of 1525 metres and in pla­ces are dif­ficult to iden­ti­fy or loca­te exact­ly. Hal­le­berg is the lar­gest hill­fort in Scandinavia.

The Sto­re­gård cleft in the south-west, the only vehic­le access rou­te on to the mountain, is the entran­ce to the Dra­get val­ley. A system of dikes and for­ti­fi­ca­tions were con­struc­ted here to pre­vent ene­mi­es from for­cing their way up. Here, and in the Russ cleft, south-east of the val­ley, are the remains of mason­ry walls. Next to Bomstu­gan, the last buil­ding to the left of Sto­re­gårds­klev, can be seen the remains of the penetra­ted ramparts.

Hit­ta Hit

Hal­le­ber­g’s hill­fort is loca­ted in the Hal­le- och Hun­ne­bergs ras­bran­ter natu­re reserve.