Loca­ted north-west of Fal­kö­ping, Mös­se­berg rises 324 metres abo­ve sea level.

The dole­ri­te in the wes­tern part of the mountain has fractu­red, for­ming the Vrå­hå­lan val­ley, which runs from north to south. This iso­la­tes the wes­tern part of Mös­se­berg, which is known as Väs­ter­ber­get or some­ti­mes Galg­ber­get (Gal­lows Mountain), sin­ce the­re was an execu­tion site here in anci­ent times. The­re are seve­ral natu­re reser­ves on Mös­se­berg and around it, as the sedi­men­ta­ry rocks of the tab­le mountains are rich in nut­ri­ents and sup­port a diver­se range of flora.

The mountain offers many gre­at out­do­or expe­ri­ences. For examp­le the­re are lakes whe­re you can swim, jog­ging tracks, ski trails, fris­bee golf and a farm zoo with goats, pigs and rab­bits. The­re are also fun playgrounds and bar­becue sites whe­re you can enjoy a picnic. The look­out tower near the farm zoo is 35 metres high. This is defi­ni­tely worth a visit, as you will be rewar­ded with stun­ning views!

Mös­se­berg is also an ide­al pla­ce to meet up if you enjoy explo­ring by bike. Book a bike pac­kage and set off on a selec­tion of exer­ci­se trails through the open lands­cape, on the chal­lenging tab­le mountains and along gent­ly win­ding roads. Or per­haps you would like to take a more chal­lenging mountain­bi­ke tour of Mös­se­berg? This pro­mi­ses a vari­e­ty of trails through a green and lea­fy setting.

Read more at http://www.cykelcentrum.nu, www.falkoping.se/mosseberg

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