Located north-west of Falköping, Mösseberg rises 324 metres above sea level.

The dolerite in the western part of the mountain has fractured, forming the Vråhålan valley, which runs from north to south. This isolates the western part of Mösseberg, which is known as Västerberget or sometimes Galgberget (Gallows Mountain), since there was an execution site here in ancient times. There are several nature reserves on Mösseberg and around it, as the sedimentary rocks of the table mountains are rich in nutrients and support a diverse range of flora.

The mountain offers many great outdoor experiences. For example there are lakes where you can swim, jogging tracks, ski trails, frisbee golf and a farm zoo with goats, pigs and rabbits. There are also fun playgrounds and barbecue sites where you can enjoy a picnic. The lookout tower near the farm zoo is 35 metres high. This is definitely worth a visit, as you will be rewarded with stunning views!

Mösseberg is also an ideal place to meet up if you enjoy exploring by bike. Book a bike package and set off on a selection of exercise trails through the open landscape, on the challenging table mountains and along gently winding roads. Or perhaps you would like to take a more challenging mountainbike tour of Mösseberg? This promises a variety of trails through a green and leafy setting.

Read more at http://www.cykelcentrum.nu, www.falkoping.se/mosseberg

Hitta Hit