You are now stan­ding in front of a lar­ge field known as a cobb­le field.

The rea­son why the sto­nes are so round here is that this loca­tion was once a nort­her­ly sea sho­re. After the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago, the sea level was about 120 metres hig­her than it is today and Hal­le­berg and Hun­ne­berg were islands in the old North Sea.

The waves cras­hed against the edges of the mountains and the rocks that fell were ground into the smooth, round sha­pes you see today. The waves car­ri­ed away the smal­ler sto­nes and gra­vel, and left behind the lar­ger sto­nes that now form the cobb­le field. This is a remin­der that the­re was once an icy cold sea sho­re around the island of Halleberg.

Hit­ta Hit

The cobb­le field at Gry­tet is loca­ted in the natu­re reser­ve Hal­le- och Hun­ne­bergs ras­bran­ter.